Day 0: One more day!

One more day for #TELvedayARU our TEL-ve days of Christmas!

It’s nearly time for the event and our team members have been working hard to get all 12 days of resources ready.

This is just a reminder to look out for our email tomorrow. As communicated in our initial email, this course includes both general and our University specific resources. We have made as much information as possible available to everyone. However for the internal contents, some of the links and videos are behind a password and you can only access them if you are at Anglia Ruskin or have access to these resources via your own University. On these occasions, we have tried our best to explain the content for those who may not or will not have access.

Contributors to this series of events in order of blogging are: Jason Williams, Vix Samways, Kate Outhwaite, Uwe Richter, Jennifer George and Mark Warnes.

Hope you will have at least as much fun as we had getting everything ready!


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