Day 2: Google Docs and Forms

Welcome back!

Today we will be looking at two free and easy to use tools available through Google, that can be used both in the classroom, and outside, to encourage student engagement.

Google Tools

If you sign up for a free Google account, you get access to a suite of tools to use free of charge, and an online Google Drive to save them on, which is secure and can be used anywhere that has the web. You can also upload documents to it and share. Want to know how to set up an account?  Google it!

Google Docs

If you can open a Word document and share a web address you will have no problem with Google Docs.

Essentially a Google Doc is an online document that anyone who has been given the web address for, can write on at any time and at the same time, on any machine that has access to the web – and the results appear immediately, and are saved automatically.

Click on the image below and write on the document:


Google Forms

A great way to gather information from your students or staff (people also use it for events like weddings), which is very easy to set up and share, just like Google Docs, and is live so you can use it in class and get feedback straight away, or outside the class which can set up discussion points, or help you see what areas you might need to focus on.  As you can see you can embed the form if you wish.  Answer the questions and click the ‘submit’ button:

Google Forms create charts instantly, so you can show the class how they’re doing, and also creates an excel spreadsheet that is time stamped for you.

This is what they look like; you could show this on the projector immediately after asking your students to take the quiz:



Today’s Christmas quiz

Kept at number two by the Petshop Boys’ version of Always on my Mind, today’s festive song was originally written for a different female singer, and has entered the UK top 20 charts on more than 11 occasions since its release in 1987.  Cited as the best loved and most-played Christmas song of all time in the UK – can you guess what it is?

Click on the image to find out:

Top Of The Pops Logo Colour

Apologies for those of you who do not have access to BoB – this section is really just an add on, and is not central to the posts. The answers from the previous day will be posted each day – feel free to search for the clips on youtube.

Yesterday’s answer:

Yesterday’s clip was taken from It’s a ‘Wonderful Life’, directed by Frank Capra, and released in 1947.










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