Day 3: Box of Broadcasts

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Day 3!

Access to over a million streamed TV and radio programmes to use, edit, share with your students, anywhere, any time – your students have access to use all the functions also, and can reference the items in their work – what’s not to like?

OK, so, some of you will have realised that your university does not currently have access to Box of Broadcasts – apologies for that – the take up of Box of Broadcasts (BoB)  by schools and universities grows year on year – standing at around the 130 mark at the moment.  Perhaps this will be something you can take back to your establishment to discuss your future participation?


The user-friendly system allows staff and students to record and catch-up on missed programmes on and off-campus, schedule recordings in advance, edit programmes into clips, create playlists, embed clips into VLEs, share what they are watching with others, search a growing archive of material, plus more.

New key features launched in January 2014 include:

  • the addition of all BBC TV and radio content dating from 2007 (800,000+ programmes)
  • over 10 foreign language channels, including French, German and Italian
  • an extended 30 day recording buffer – more time to record missed programmes
  • a new look website, improved navigation
  • Apple iOS compatibility – watch BoB on handheld devices
  • searchable transcripts
  • links to social media – share what you’re watching online
  • a one-click citation reference, allowing you to cite programmes in your work’  (

Who looks after BoB?

BoB is run by the British University Film and Video Council – BUFVC – which was established in 1948 – and are dedicated to promoting the use of radio and the moving image in education.  BoB isn’t the only thing they do, they have many media related functions, and offer a wealth of knowledge expertise and advice.  (They are amazing, passionate and concise.) Why not have a look at their site here

How can we use BoB?

  • Why not invite your students to find and share the best, funniest, most outdated, most up to date examples of relevant subjects? It really doesn’t feel like work, and will engage them outside of the classroom. Gather them, watch the best in the class, and invite discussion.
  • Take an epic film and use a scene to illustrate something down to earth.  You can bet that students who are invited to offer medical advice on injuries that occur at the start of Saving Private Ryan, are never going to forget that lesson.
  • Why not invite your students to add media into their course work – BoB offers a reference tool for the media items.
  • Compare and contrast a scene from  different film versions.
  • Simply letting your students know they have access to a million TV programs, films and radio, may add value to your Course in general… think about it.
  • Share your great ideas below in the comment box.

Today’s Christmas quiz

This film (released in 2000) is based on a Dr Seuss book originally published in 1957, and was directed by Ron Howard, aka Richie Cunningham, from 70’s cult American TV programme ‘Happy Days’.  Can you guess what it is?

Click here

Apologies, again, for those of you who do not have access to BoB – this section is really just an add on, and is not central to the posts. The answers from the previous day will be posted each day – feel free to search for the clips on youtube.

Yesterday’s answer:

Yesterday’s clip was the wonderful ‘Fairytale of New York’ written by Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer, and originally in the UK charts in 1987.









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