Day 5: is a great online learning tool that we’ve been using at Anglia Ruskin since the 2014 academic year. There’s over 4,000 courses in personal and professional development, software tools and methodology, study skills and many more subject areas. The tool is heavily used by both students and staff.


To date we have:

  • 2800 active users, 800 of which are new since September 2015!
  • We’ve completed over 101,000 videos as an institution and has issued 1130 certificates of completion
  • The top 5 courses this month are; Excel 2013, Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Outlook 2013 and the Foundations of Object Oriented Programming.

Features has some great features. My favourites include (Click on an image for more information):


We introduce to staff at new staff inductions and to students at our Get IT Sorted events; we also put on a number of events each year which can be found on the ITS Events page.

We can put on a demo session for your team or faculty; just ask at If you would like a quiet space to study content, or any online training materials, check out our IT Training Clinic sessions; away from the emails and phones, these are staff PC lab sessions facilitated by our IT Trainer.

We also hold a number of student and staff focused competition each year… if you are keen enough to have read to the bottom of this post and are a member of staff you might be interested in our current STAFF LYNDA.COM COMPETITION!!! running from 1.12.15 – 14.2.16


Today’s Christmas quiz

Released at the time when there was a 3 day working week in the UK, and the electricity went off at 10pm – a bleak old time made brighter by this tune. Here’s a clip about the making of a bonafide classic. Can you guess what it might be?

click here to watch it on BoB

The answers from the previous day will be posted each day – feel free to search for the clips on YouTube if you do not have access to BoB.

Yesterday’s answer:

Yesterday’s clip was taken from ‘Blackadder’s A Christmas Carol’ – first aired on the 23 December, 1988 – Charles Dickens’ original serialized version was first published in 1843.




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