Day 6: VLE Sneak Preview (Internal)

In today’s post, I’ll be taking you on a sneak preview of the changes – mostly minor and cosmetic – that you can expect to see when our VLE is updated in January.

(Apologies to colleagues from outside Anglia Ruskin – I’m afraid that today’s post will be of little interest or use to you but, in the meantime, here’s a link to a Christmassy animated short as a small bauble of compensation! )

After the update to the VLE (over the weekend of 15-18 January 2016), you as Anglia Ruskin staff members will be able to access your VLE sites as normal on the new version of SharePoint.  You will find most of the visible changes after the migration relate to the style of the icons on display when you go into the ribbon on any of the tabs (such as Page, Format Text, List or Library, etc.) depending on whether you are editing a content page, browsing your Documents library or creating a new announcement etc.

Old ribbon


New ribbon


You will still be able to do all the things you could in the previous version of the VLE (and a few new things as well).

There are a number of “invisible” changes that the update brings, such as better compatibility with newer browsers but one of the most useful changes is that you will be able to Drag and Drop files (but not currently folders*) from your own machine into a document folder on the VLE without the need to use the “Open in Windows Explorer” function – which remains available in Internet Explorer only.  The new drag and drop function for files is available in all browsers.

After the migration to the new version, when you go into a VLE Document library you will now see the option to add a new document or drag files as shown below.


To take advantage of this new feature, just select the files you want to copy on your desktop or other location, then drag them over to the open Document folder on the VLE, and that’s all there is to it!  (Remember, you will see errors if you try to copy a folder or other invalid file type).

Anglia Ruskin staff can see a short video of this in action by clicking on this link

* Finally, please note that copying entire folders can still be done via the previous method of  “Open In Windows Explorer” option when using Internet Explorer.

Today’s Christmas quiz

A comedy duo from the 70’s ending their show as they always did – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

click here

 Yesterday’s answer:

‘It’s Chrrriiiiiiistmaaaaaas!’ Yes the clip was about Slade and the writing of ‘that’ song.




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