Day 7: Screencasting

Welcome to Day 7 of the TEL-ve Days of Christmas. Today’s blog is on using screencast for learning and teaching. Have a look at a Christmassy introduction by clicking on the image below:

What is a screencast?

Screencasts are produced using software that captures what you have on a computer screen which you can narrate by recording your voice. You can also record a video of yourself talking. The software produces a video file usually in a mp4 format.

Screencasts can be used for many different purposes in education and there are different tools to produce them. On the Anglia Ruskin desktop you have Adobe Camtasia and Personal Capture. Screencast-o-Matic is a free online tool and Jing is a free downloadable application.

Once you have recorded your screencast you can upload the file (usually mp4) to My.Player or your YouTube channel to make it accessible to your students.

How can you use screencasts?

Screencasts are particularly effective in distance learning to introduce yourself as tutor and the course. However at Anglia Ruskin staff have used screencasts to:

Have a look onMy.Player to discover what colleagues have uploaded.

Today’s Christmas quiz

Today’s clip comes from a fictitious village in Oxfordshire. A multiple BAFTA wining comedienne playing host to some big names across the series, which lasted between 1994 and 2007. Star guests included Kylie Minogue, Peter Capaldi, Darcey Bussell, Sarah Ferguson, Sean Bean, Emma Watson, and Johnny Depp. Here’s a scene from the Christmas table.

click here for an hilarious Christmas lunch scene

 Yesterday’s answer:

Of course it was Morecombe and Wise singing ‘Bring me Sunshine’ on one of their many Christmas specials.


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