Day 10: Accessible Templates

You are probably aware that the Disability Student Allowance (DSA) is being cut, which leaves support of students with disabilities as the responsibility of Universities. We are taking several initiatives to being more inclusive in the classroom.

How will this help our students?

We have looked at best practices for students with Dyslexia and those who use screen reading software and also considered how these practices would help everyone else in the process. Some of them include:

  • Using clear legible font size, colour and spacing – helping everyone
  • Having a form of navigation for long documents, e.g. Table of Contents – helping everyone
  • Providing a description for any visuals – for those who use screen readers and non-visual learners

While we have been running several workshops and webinars, we have also produced standard Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint Templates that has preset styles for the best possible font size, colour and spacing. We have also produced populated versions of these templates as Guides. You may download the Guides here:

Where can you find them?

When you launch Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint on any work machine (here at Anglia Ruskin), and want to create a new blank document, it will give you the ARU Templates as an option.


If you are not working on a University computer on campus, you can access the templates by logging in via your Remote Desktop (i.e. VMWare/Horizon).

Today’s Christmas quiz

A house hold name narrating yet another astonishing natural history programme. Brr….click

 Yesterday’s answer:

Yesterday’s video was the entire documentary about Sandro Botticelli‘s masterpiece The Mystical Nativity , part of  The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece series from the BBC.


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