Day 12: Software Catalogue

As with all universities, we have several tools and technologies available to our staff for learning and teaching. This can be pretty daunting for new staff and other staff might forget or not realise what software is available to them.

Based on feedback from some staff development sessions we ran, Anglia Learning and Teaching worked with IT Services to provide centralised list of tools and technologies made available and supported by our University. This section of our intranet is called the software catalogue. All technologies listed in the TELT Menu can also be found on this site (you would have seen an intro to this menu on Day 1).

Watch this short video which shows you how to find it and gives a summary of the features: click

Alternatively, to check it out for yourself,

  1. Go to (you would need ARU staff log-in)
  2. Support Services > IT Services
  3. Software
  4. Select the area you are interested in. eg. Learning and Teaching Technologies
  5. You will find a list of available technologies, brief descriptions and also details on how to obtain further information, licenses and support.


Now you know where to find it!

Today’s Christmas quiz

This super tune was written by a group who have sold over a hundred million albums and this single was number 1 in the UK in 1980.


Yesterday’s answer:

Yesterday’s clip was taken form ‘The Frozen Planet Special’ from the BBC – wonderful stuff.


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