Day 12 + 1: What Next?

First of all, thank you very much for everyone who has been following us. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We would love to know what you thought of this 12 day event. Could you please leave your feedback by completing the short survey.

If you are from Anglia Ruskin University and are interested in further developing your skills on the topics we have covered, please find below quick links and  contact emails to book them.

  1. GoogleDocs and Google Forms – contact Jason Williams on
  2. Open Education Resources (OER) – Webinar
  3. Box of Broadcast, MyPlayer – contact Jason Williams on
  4. – contact Vix Samways on
  5. Accessible Documents – contact Jennifer George on

 Yesterday’s answer:

Yesterday’s clip was ABBA singing Super Trooper on Top of the Pops 1980 – 35 years ago…!  Merry Christmas everyone – have a wonderful, peaceful time.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic 2016!



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